UOT Staff

Contacting Staff
Players needing to contact staff are asked to send a Private Message (PM) on our chat system. If you are in trouble and staff are not readily available you can use the "help stuck" option on your character's Paperdoll. Please do not page staff using our global chat as your message can easily be missed.
To reach staff you can:
1) PM a Staff in game or
2) PM a Moderator on the shard Forums

Staff Ranks
Counsellors, Game Masters, Administrators and Owner.

The Counsellor position is given to new staff members who are still learning about the UOT shard and the basics of staffing. Counsellors have limited powers. They can run events, tutor new players and assist with common easy issues. They can also advise other staff of reported problems or issues.

Game Masters:
A Game Master has more power than a Counsellor. This is the basic level a staffer achieves after successfully completing their Counselor period.

Administrators are able to change the world. They have been Game Masters and/or have personally earned the complete trust of the Owner.

The Owner has access to the server on which the shard is hosted, being able to restart the server and update the shards functionality. If conflict or disputes arise the Owner will listen to the recommendations of players and staff. Owner decisions will be based on the collective information available. Fairness, lack of emotion and detailed knowledge of the situation will be the sole basis for owner decisions which will be final and binding on all.

Note: Please do not ask to be a staff member. If you are a regular player with good play etiquette and a sound knowledge of the game you may be approached by one of the shard owners regarding a staff position. There is no offence taken if you do not wish this position and none should be taken if a position is not offered.