About UO Traditions

Welcome to our Ultima Online shard where you can play for free as often and as long as you please.

All armor, weapons, clothing and jewellery will always be available free in the game and we will never make character mods for players. Everyone born into our world comes equal. From that point they set their own course, make their own friends and find their own fortunes. There is adventure here for every play style provided it is mature and respectful of others.

UO-Traditions (UOT) was founded on August 01, 2010.
After more than 6,000 hours of development
UOT became publicly accessible on the first
day of the 14th Baktun (December 22, 2012).
We now host players from:
Taiwan - Hong Kong - Russian Federation - Czech Republic - Italy - Netherlands - United Kingdom - Brazil - Canada - United States

The UO Traditions shard is designed to provide a respectful environment for all people to enjoy the traditional aspects of the Ultima experience in a custom world. PvP is allowed on the facet of Tartarus (a primordial version of Felucca) with its special quests, challenges and rewards. Meanwhile all other facets are for non-PvP play.

UOT will continue to evolve while remaining true to the Traditions of Ultima. We remain under daily development and testing to assure a 'bug free' game environment that continues to provide fresh new experiences.

Our development team is not resting on the over 50 quests already running. They are open to all constructive suggestions from players and staff which they add to our "Honey-Do-List" (new quests, systems, locations, items and monsters).

We operate non-profit, directed by our staff and supported by our players.
These in game 'Screen Shots' look into our world:
      - Island of Arete
      - Champion Spawns
      - Crafting Quests
            - Custom Questing
      - Trammel Changes