Files & Utilities - Downloads


    Easy Steps:
    1) Create a 'Temporary' folder/directory to receive our download file
    2) Unzip the file after the download is complete
    3) Create a new UO Game folder/directory called UOT
    4) Move the unzipped contents of the downloaded file into your new UOT folder/directory
    5) Start Razor and remember to configure it to point to your new UOT Data Directory and to our Server.
        (follow the sidebar link called 'Joining' for a picture of Razor properly configured)

    The link below points to a single file with the game files already patched and includes our custom map files
    The file has been compressed (Zipped) to speed the download as much as possible

Click the link below to download the 'Complete All-in-One' Game Package (Zipped):
'Complete All-in-One' Game Package   *Jun 10, 2023* (816 mb complete package)

Note: If you do not have a Zip/Unzip program we can recommend 7-Zip which is free and available at


This program not only allows you to connect your game client to the UOT shard but can also be very helpful to your actual game play. Many of the tedious aspects of game play can be streamlined with Razor 'Macros' and Razor 'Hot Keys' can be set up to automate many actions.

    If you do not already have Razor installed you can download a copy * HERE from RunUO *

UO Auto Map (UOAM)
This program shows you a larger view of the world around you and lets you add your own points of interest.

    If you do not already have UOAM you can download a copy * HERE *