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For eons the ancient world of Sosaria was encased within a crystal controlled by the evil wizard Mondain. A mysterious event caused the crystal to shatter but miraculously the shards of the shattered crystal each contained a replica of the original Sosaria.

Since that time it is known that the Sosarias within each shard have evolved in their own fashion. It is also now known that some of the larger shards contained previously undiscovered places, items and resources. The shard of UO Traditions is one of those larger shards.

Uo Traditions contains the main lands of Sosaria plus the Isle of Arete and other unexplored territory. Today the known parts of the UO Traditions shard are:
- Arete, the Isle of scholars and those seeking to excel,
- Britannia/Trammel, the land of Lord British,
- Tartarus, the land of Conflict, Reward and the Rarest Resources,
- Ilshenar, the land of Danger and Despair,
- Malas, the land of Champions and the Dark Unknown,
- Tokuno, the land of the Feudal Lords.

Recently on the Isle of Arete, a stranger was found lying on the beach. At first glance people thought the stranger was dead but a closer inspection discovered shallow breathing. The town folk rushed the stranger to their healer where great care was taken to restore health.

In time when strength returned, the stranger was invited to the office of the Mayor for a talk. The Mayor was accustomed to greeting new arrivals and explained many of the special features on the Isle of Arete. When the meeting was over the Mayor gave the stranger a small task to perform. The reward for this task would prove very helpful in the months and years ahead.

The stranger found the people very friendly. Everything needed was available to begin a new life. Now the stranger had a chance to recover and find answers - Who am I? What skills do I possess? What friends will I find? Where shall I build a home? What mysteries lie ahead?

The Isle of Arete provided everything to learn skills and build a strong base (the training facilities were vast, the resources plentiful and the quests rewarding). In time the stranger would be known to all. The evils of Sosaria would not rule unchallenged. A champion had been found and an Avatar would rise again.

Basic Game Play Information:
Starting characters are given some training weapons that do very little damage, need no resources and will decay in 30 days. They can be used in the training areas on the Isle of Arete to quickly increase your fighting skills.

Note: UOT has a Skill Cap on each character of 1200. This brings added benefit to group play and guilds. The 'uber' one character does it all scenario does not exist in life or in UOT but each account can have up to six characters. You should take some time to consider what template and skills you want to use and train. Also, UOT has a Stat Cap on each character of 300 (which can be boosted to 325 if you get an Advanced Stat Ball). All characters enter the world with 50 Strength 50 Dexterity 50 Intelligence (150 total starting stats). Certain skills affect certain Stats so you can change your Stats by training the related skills. The UOT 'Forum' has more information on this topic.

The Facets of UOT:
All facets have been fully spawned and are open for play including a primordial version of Felucca known as Tartarus. The passageways to Tartarus are waiting for you to discover. When they are found, those brave enough to enter will find a land offering greater reward and greater risk. Tartarus has adventure not found elsewhere. It has the rarest resources and it is rumored that ancient Tradium coins can be found there which can be traded for things no gold will buy. Warning - monsters are not the only danger in Tartarus. The realm of Tartarus is under a powerful curse which may cause other players to attack you for your loot.

Starting Point - The Isle of Arete:
This large island is where all newly created characters arrive in the Mayor's office (town center). The Isle of Arete is a special place where skill gain up to 80 skill points is faster than anywhere else in UOT. Special areas on Arete exist to facilitate skill training and the public market makes many needed items available. The name Arete in its basic sense, means excellence of any kind. In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfilment of purpose or function - the act of living up to one's full potential.
  1. Invasion Area (quest)
  2. Kings Castle (quest)
  3. Evil Witch (quest)
  4. Cemetery
  5. Mine
  6. Town Center (craft training and bank)
  7. Farm
  8. Brigand Fort
  9. Zoo (train taming and bard skills)
  10. Gauntlet Entrance (quest)
  11. Training Area (warrior/mage skills)
  12. Swamp (beware the 'Swammy')
  13. Public Vendor Market and Inn
  14. Gypsy camp (Lockpicking)
  15. Docks (boat travel to distant ports)

UOT has spent considerable time making Crafting important fun and viable. Almost everything available in game can be crafted. In the same way that Blacksmiths need to be near a Forge and Anvil to craft, so do all the other UOT Crafts require players to be near the craft control item for the particular craft.

In the town center of Arete there is a crafthall with all the control items you need. When your skill is high enough you can make these items for yourself or other players to use in their homes. Every Craft has its own set of fun Quests giving crafters a chance to obtain Power Scrolls and the custom resources needed to make special items.

The Dungeons:
All dungeons have surprises waiting. This involves several quest options as well as new monsters, travel tiles and more.

In Trammel each dungeon has its' own Mini-Boss. If you like you can talk to a monk near a dungeon entrance to access the challenges that lead to him. If you visit Yew Abbey you can begin a path that requires you to slay all Mini-Bosses before facing the Super Boss who leads them. This is the 'Seven Deadly Sins (SALIGIA) Quest'.

If you are on the 'Book of Virtues Quest' you will also be required to visit every dungeon but different challenges will arise.

The Elves:
In Heartwood where elves lived in harmony, things have changed. The elder King Elrod (Old Father) died under mysterious circumstances leaving his twin sons contending the throne. They sought to continue the line of Elven Kings in Heartwood and continue the search for the lost Elessar Culnamo (Book of Dragons).

The firstborn of the twins is Fingolfin (Bright Eye). He is an elf of no great stature but one of considerable wisdom and kindness. The second born of the twins is Lolindir (Dark Heart), a brawny warrior with little time for the meek. These brothers from the same fold walked different paths from their birth.

Fingolfin (Bright Eye) drew many elves around him with his calm nature and understanding. He is a natural leader not by force but by appeal. Lolindir (Dark Heart) on the other hand is ruthless and many small minded elven warriors gathered to his call. They look up to him for his battle cunning and strong arm.

In the end, the struggle for the throne went to Lolindir (Dark Heart) by his ruthless manner and the force of his followers. Fingolfin (Bright Eye) and the elves seeking a peaceful way were driven from Heartwood. They roamed the new lands for many months before settling in Papua to build a new life.

Lolindir (Dark Heart) rules Heartwood with a tight fist and has drawn his followers into darkness. They have become 'Drow' and swiftly smite those who stand in their way. Lolindir has captured several great Dragons (the Golds and the Blacks). He needs only the words in the lost Elessar Culnamo (Book of Dragons) to become a dragon rider. If this happens, all of Sosaria will fall under his dark cloud. To this day the followers of Lolindir (Dark Heart) still raid Papua in search of the lost Elessar Culnamo.

The Golds and the Blacks can drop special dragon eggs. The young creatures from these eggs will bind with the person who hatches them and grow into mighty pets. They have the ability to grow even stronger than the other dragons in the land. Obtaining an egg from the Golds or the Blacks is a daunting task. The dragons do not always carry an egg and there is great danger in Heartwood for a non 'Drow'.

Rumor has it . . somewhere in Heartwood forest is an opening to the carvern of a Dark Father who guards random special loot.

Hidden Items & Thieving:
There are over 200 special items that lay hidden throughout the lands. These semi-rare items can fetch a nice price as they are collected by some and used as home decor by others.

In order to find these items you will need to improve your stealing skill and you will need the assistance of Fingers the Legendary Thief. The higher your stealing skill the more hidden items you will be able to find and steal.

Like most skills - Stealing and lockpicking can be trained on the Isle of Arete. Visit the 'Gypsy Camp' for these.

Artifact Enhancing:
UOT Artifacts can be enhanced [Guarding - Hardened - Fortified - Invunerable/Vanquishing] and at the top level they can be imbued with custom properties from mined gemrock. There are over 200 Artifacts [armor, jewelery, shields and weapons] to collect, enhance, use or sell. Scribes can make the special 'Enhancement Tomes' used by Tinkers to improve the Artifacts.

Crafting in UOT is special. The various trades have been enhanced. Combined they can make almost everything that is available for in game use. As expected, they can make repairs but they can also make items not available on other shards. In addition to Spellcrafting, crafters can imbue some items with special properties.

The crafting trades each have their own custom quests giving GM crafters a chance to obtain:
      - Recipes
      - Power Scrolls
      - Special Resources
      - Mass Storage Containers
      - and many more highly sought items

The following is a sample of just some unique crafting abilities

Alchemists can make:
      - Item repair oil
      - Staff imbuing oil
      - Item durability resin
      - Pet shrinking potions
      - Invisibility and stealth potions

Fletchers can make special bows and imbue Arete bows

Carpenters can make very special potions, elixirs and oils:
      - Imbue Arete weapons
      - Items required for certain quests

Cooks can make:
      - Special dye colors
      - Rolled papyrus for scrolls, paintings and treasure maps
      - Alcohol (grog, mead, beers, liquors, wines) using an Alcohol making kit

Scribes can make:
      - Travel books
      - Blank scrolls
      - Treasure maps
      - Artifact Enhancement Tomes
      - Item identification scrolls
      - Item ID Wand charging scrolls

Blacksmiths can make:
      - Imbued Arete weapons
      - Items required for certain quests

Tailors can:
      - Imbue Arete armor
      - Make Magical Loot Bags

Tinkers can make these items required by crafters:
      - Alchemist's pestle
      - Alcohol making kit
      - Carpenter's ruler
      - Cook's skillets & cauldrons
      - Fletcher's supplies
      - Mason's stone & marble crafting base
      - Potters wheel and tools
      - Scribe's inkwells
      - Tailor's dressform
      - Tinker's hammer

Tinkers can also make a 'Gem Cutting Tool' used on mined gemstone to obtain special gems to enhance Artifacts.

In addition to the Standard quests, Mondain quests and special Crafter quests - UOT has also developed more than 100 'Custom' quests ranging from 'Beginner' to 'Advanced'. These quests focus on different play styles and skill templates bringing something new to everyone (i.e. Special quests for mages, bards, warriors and necromancers).

All the Champion spawns are activated and we are busy creating additional custom quests for players to enjoy. There are 7 different types of Town Invasions and special events to keep things fresh and unexpected. We also have a fully automated Event System that generates six random events every day.

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